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Since 1995 we have utilized Morphological Analysis in more than 100 projects. Listed here are 95 of them, with article downloads where indicated. (See also: Client List and Download List)

NOTE: The downloadable articles presented derive either from non-classified studies done for Swedish government agencies (which are in the public domain) or have been released by the clients involved. In some cases, fields have been simplified or otherwise altered slightly at the client's request, in order to protect sensitive information.

I. Society, Security and Safety

• A Generic Design Basis Model and Evaluation Instrument for National Crisis Management
(Swedish National Emergency Management Agency)  [ Download article in pdf-format]

• Environmental Strategies for South East Asia    
(SIDA - Swedish International Development Agency — Bangkok, Thailand)

• European Political and Security Scenarios
(Stiftung Wissenschaft und politik - Ebenhausen)

• FORTRESS: Foresight Tools for Responding to cascading effects in a crisis.
(EU 7th Framework Program/Technical University of Berlin)  [Goto the Fortress portal]

• Modelling Multi-Hazard Disaster Reduction Strategies
(EDM - Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Kobe)  [ Download article in pdf-format]

• Modelling Actual and Perceived Security in different National and Social Contexts
(EU 7th Framework Program - CPSI)

• The various structures of economic crime, their cross-links and counter-measures
(National Agency on Economic Crime and the National Police Board)

• "Living with the Genie": The Morphology of the Governance of Scientific and Technological Development
(CSPO - Center for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, Washington DC and Columbia University)

• Computerized instrument for assessing Rescue Services' preparedness for accidents involving hazardous materials
(Swedish National Rescue Service Agency)  [Download article in pdf-format]

• Scenarios and Strategies for Major Societal Disruptions
(Portuguese Ministry of Defence)

• RISK - Future Research Areas in Societal Risk Management
(FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• Media and Opinion models
(University of Kent and EU 7th Framework Program)

• Morphologies of Anonymous Communication over the Internet
(Swedish Ministry of Justice)

• Global Development Scenarios for Year 2020
(Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

• Modelling Climate Change Conflict Scenarios
(FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• Modelling Future IT Needs and Disruptions
(Information Development Agency - IDA, Singapore)

• Scenario and Strategy Laboratories for an Extended Producer Responsibility System in Sweden
(Swedish Ministry of the Environment)   [Download article in pdf-format]

• Scenarios for human actions which can disturb long-term radioactive waste disposal
(Swedish Radioactive Waste Disposal Agency)

• Modelling National (public) security cultures
(EU 7th Framework Program)

• Modelling Future Land Use and Food Security
(Swedish Agriculture Federation)

• Scenarios and Strategies for Migration and Mitigating Human Trafficking
(Swedish Migration Board)

• Scenarios and Strategies for the Future of the Swedish Bomb Shelter Program
(National Rescue Services Agency)

• New Religious Movements and Violence
(National Board for Civil Emergency Preparedness)

• Race 2050: Responsible Innovation Agenda for Competitive European Transport Industries
(EU 7th Framework Program/Technical University of Berlin)  [Goto the RACE portal]

• Scenarios and Strategies for the Expansion of Schengen
(Swedish National Police Agency)

• Risk and Vulnerability Study for the Swedish Maritime Administration
(Swedish Maritime Administration)

• Nuclear Facilities and Sabotage: Using GMA as a Scenario and Strategy Development Laboratory
(Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate)   [Download article in pdf-format]

• Alternative Organizational Roles and Functions for the Data Inspection Board
(Swedish Data Inspection Board)

• Electricity Grid Sabotage Scenarios
(Swedish Emergency Management Agency)

• Dependencies between Critical Transport Systems in Time of Crisis
(Swedish Emergency Management Agency)

• Scenarios and Preparedness Planning for Transport of Dangerous Goods
(National Rescue Service Agency)

• Threat Scenarios and Security Strategies for the Transport of Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste    
(Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate)

• Strategies for Developing a New National Fuel Rationing System in Sweden
(Swedish Energy Agency)

• INFRARISK: Novel indicators for identifying critical infrastructure at risk from natural hazards.
(EU 7th Framework Program)  (Goto the INFRA_RISK portal)

• Modelling Educational Assessment
(Ministry of Education - Singapore)

• Conflict Scenario Modelling Framework
(Swedish Peace Team Forum & Swedish International Aid and Development Agency)

• RiskLab: A conceptual risk-laboratory for assessing risks involving accidents in varying environments
(National Rescue Services Agency)

• Societal Disruption and Strategies for Financial Stability
(Swedish Ministry of Finance)

• Strategies for National Food Security
(Prime Ministers Office - Singapore)

• The Structure, Functions and Societal Benefits of a South African Space Agency
(CSIR - South African Council for Science and Industry Research)

• Risk Analysis for the Remediation of Contaminated Areas
(Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

• Risk and Vulnerability Analysis for Swedish Mass Media
(National Board of Psychological Defence)

• Threat Analysis for the Transport of Radioactive Material
(Swedish Nuclear Inspectorate - SKI)

• Social Exclusion: Causes, Variations, Effects and Preventive Measures
(Swedish National Police Board, Swedish Crime Prevention Agency)

• Scenarios and Strategies for Energy Security
(Ministry of Energy - Singapore)

• Strategies for the Transformation of Universities in South Africa
(CSIR and the University of Venda - Republic of South Africa)

II. Commercial

• The Future of Letters: Postal Service in the new millennium
(Swedish Postal Service)

• Transaction Scenarios and Future Strategies for Municipal Housing Companies
(Various Municipal Housing Companies in Sweden)

• Futures Projections and Strategic Alternatives for Causality Insurance
(Länsförsäkringar -- Swedish Insurance Company)

• Research Market Evaluation Template
(Swedish National Defence Research Agency)

• Developing Alternative Organizational Structures
(Swedish National Defence Research Agency)

• How to Move a City: Strategies for saving the City of Kirina from sinking into its own Iron Mine
(LKAB - Major Swedish Mining Company)

• Future International Market Structures
(Leading Swedish Fashion Company)

• Retail Sales Cycle Model
(European Retail Consultancy Firm)

• Nordic Energy Scenarios
(Swedish Energy Market Inspection Agency)

• A Generic Modelling Instrument for developing Education and Training Programs for new Systems Technologies
(FOI - Sweden, TNO - Holland)   [Download article in pdf-format]

• Energy Diversity Strategies
(Major Swedish Energy Producer)

• Risk Assessment for New Start-up Investment Strategies
(London City University)

• Modelling the Bio-ethics of Drug Redevelopment
(Strategy Foresight Partnership - London)

III. Defence

• Methods for long-term planning and threat assessment for the Swedish National Defense
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• Threat assessment for Swedish participation in Peace Keeping and Peace Enforcement missions
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• Strategies for Future Defence Organisational Structure
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• Base 2000: Future of Swedish Air Force Bases
(Swedish Air Force)

• Modelling Situational Awareness for Peace-Keeping Interventions
(TNO, Netherlands & U.S. Dod)

• Scenarios and Strategies for Future Rearmament Policy Studies
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• Meta-Modelling: Modelling different modelling techniques for Operational Research
(Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• Fenix: Alternative Structures for Civilian-Military Cooperation for Future Threats
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• SOCUMOD: Modelling social-cultural awareness for peace-keeping missions
(Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO, Netherlands)

• ROLF - Development of a Mobile Operative Command Function
(Swedish Defence College)

• Luftburen - Development of an "Airborne Capacity"
(Swedish Ministry of Defence)  [ Download article in pdf-format]

• Evaluation of Protective Methods against Electro-Magnetic Weapons
(Swedish Ministry of Defense)

• Crowd Management: Modelling its Theory and Practice
(European Defence Agency - EDA)

• Alternative structures for military command and control systems
(Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• Scenarios for Social, Political and Military Developments in Russia
(FFI - Norwegian Defence Research Agency)

• Modelling Confidence Building Relationships for Peace-Keeping Missions
(Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO, Netherlands)

• Morphology of Conflict Types
(Swedish Armed Forces)

• Strategies and Structures for a Total Asset Visibility (TAV) System
(Swedish Defence Material Administration)

• Modelling Product Area Strategies (POMS) for Defence Material Administration
(Swedish Defence Material Administration)

• Alternative Strategies for Institution Building in conjunction with Peace-Keeping Operations
(FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• Assessing Methods of Influence for Conflict Resolution in Peace Keeping Missions
(European Defence Agency - EDA)

• MARKUS - The Future Foot Soldier
(Swedish Armed Forces)

• Scenarios and Strategies concerning Information Warfare
(CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industry Research, South Africa)

• Living with UXO: Risk Analysis for Un-exploded Ordnance (UXO)
(Swedish Armed Forces)  [ Download article in pdf-format]

• International Defence Material Cooperation
(Swedish Defence Research Agency)

• SMART: Simulation of Air battles
(Swedish Air Force)

• Development of an amphibious brigade
(Swedish Navy)

• Future Ground Target System
(Swedish Armed forces)

• UAV tactical scenarios
(Swedish Air Force)

• TIS: Evaluation of new techno-innovative systems
(Swedish Armed Forces)

• Development of Combat Sensor Capability
(CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industry Research, South Africa)

• Crew Requirements for new Warship
(Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO, Netherlands)

• Future Submersible Systems
(Swedish Navy)

• Future Educational Requirements and Systems for the Army Tactical Command
(Swedish Army Tactical Command)

• Future information systems and requirements for amphibious operations
(Swedish Navy)

• SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
(Swedish Air Force)

• Dimensioning Scenarios for Future Ground Target Engagements
(Swedish Armed Forces)

• Boots: Providing commando forces with advanced multi-purpose footwear
(Swedish Armed Forces)

IV. Academic Research Support (See Research Support Program)

The Swedish Morphological Society offers pro bono research support to PhD and MBA
students wishing to utilise GMA in their theses. Support has been given to the following organisations:
• Corporate Sustainability Program Development
MIT Sloan School of Business, Camgridge

• Political position models
George Washington University (GWU), Graduate School of Political Management

• Morphological Analysis for Investment Decisions under Uncertainty
Cass Business School, London (2010)

• Morphological Analysis applied to Risk Management
Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências, Portugal

• Corporate Strategy Development
Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA, University of Warsaw/University of Illinois

• Stakeholder positions in the energy sector in Germany
Technical University of Berlin (TUB)

• Novel human resource practices in the financial industry following the financial crash of 2008
Cass Business School, London

• Morphology of Green Facades
School of Architecture, University of Southern California

• Wicked Problems and International Relations
Institute for Futures Research, Republic of South Africa

• Scenarios for Eco-policies
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

• The Morphology of Paediatric Drug Development Landscape
Cass Business School, London

• Structuring Corporate Restructuring
University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland

• Development of Geo-spatial Framework for Risk Assessment
IP University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi

• Organisational structure
University of Stirling, School of Natural Sciences, Scotland

• Business Model Design
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

• Integrated Water Recourses Management
Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland

• "Seasteading" - Evaluating the feasibility of establishing floating urban areas on offshore waters.
Braunschweig University of Art (HBK)

• Business model innovation for SMEs
Wits Business School, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (RSA)

• Analysis of multimethodology modeling in Decision Science
University of Tehran

• Environmental policies and business strategy for the transport sector
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

• Product Eco-Development Strategies
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg

• Smart Charging of Electrical Vehicles
Vrije University in Amsterdam

• Dual-language teaching: attributes and results
China University of Mining and Technology

• Knowledge sharing in SME's
Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

• Cold Chains for Food Supply
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

• Future of Broadcasting Media Policy
Institution for Media and Global Communication, University of Helsinki, Finland

• Strategic Risks and Futures Appraisal for Water Utilities
Cranfield University, England

V. Projects Proposed

• Poverty Reduction Strategies
(SIDA - Swedish International Aid and Development Agency)

• Development of an Urban Good Governance Profile with Morphological Analysis

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